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K2 Biomedical Sp. z o.o. (K2BM) was founded in Cracow (Malopolska) and was officially registered in November 2015. Currently K2BM classified as micro-enterprises. The company headquarter is located in the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation. Company will conduct advanced research in the field of genomics, proteomics and pharmacology. Employment by K2BM world-class experts on innovative technologies is a guarantee of an adequate level of competence of the planned projects. Competence of the whole team are the greatest and most enduring capital of the organization, which will be used in projects.

On February 27th, 2018 during the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the Company, which took place in Krakow, Poland, a decision to change the name of the company from K2 Biomedical Sp. z o.o. to Orion Biotechnology Polska Sp. z o.o. was made. At the same time, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders decided to sale 95 percent of shares of Novicol International Holding Inc. to Orion Biotechnology Canada Ltd., registered in Ottawa, Canada.

The change of the shareholder from Novicol International Holding to Orion Biotechnology Canada Ltd. is a technical change as a result of fundraising activities carried out by Novicol International Holding in Canada in 2017.

The company was reorganized and all assets of Novicol International Holding were transferred to Orion Biotechnology Canada Ltd. All existing shareholders of Novicol International Holding became new shareholders of Orion Biotechnology Canada. Thanks to the acquisition by Orion Biotechnology Polska, the management team was strengthened and the company obtained additional financial resources to develop plans of Orion Biotechnology Polska in terms of existing and new research and development projects.

We are convinced that the described changes will have a positive impact on the further development of our company towards internationalization and building the company's position in the international arena (through key partnerships in Canada, China, Switzerland and Poland): said Adam Koprowski, General Director and member of the Orion Biotechnology Polska Management Board.



The company conducts research related to the introduction of innovative medical products to the Polish market, which have a huge potential for global markets.

Our mission

The main mission of the company is the introduction of medical products, which will be aimed at improving the quality of life and improve the overall health of women with a focus on prevention and treatment of infectious diseases (including STIs) and civilization.

Our team

Adam Koprowski is the General Director of K2 Biomedical. He is well experienced manager, especially in the field of innovative projects conducted in Health Care. He was working in the scientific and  research projects in few institution : Pope John Paul II Hospital in Krakow (1993-2002), Cracow Center for Telemedicine and Preventive Medicine (1999-2002), Institute of Cardiology (Warsaw, 2002-2007) cooperating closely with prof. Zbigniew Religa. In the Institute of Cardiology he was responsible for projects in the field of Telemedicine and implementation of modern mobile telemonitoring systems. Deputy Director in the National Centre for Health Information Systems (2007-2010) where he coordinate projects at regional and national level regarding health data.

R&D projects

Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020

Project title: Development of a new candidate microbicide for the prevention of HIV transmission
Application no.: POIR.01.02.00-00-0003/17

On December 2017 r. K2Biomedical signed a contract with the National Centre for Research and Development for co-financing a research project, which aims to develop an innovative microbicide used in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, in particular in the prevention of HIV virus and potentially HPV virus causing cervical cancer and HSV-2 virus.

A product innovation that will be created within the Project - a new candidate for a microbicide – eventually will be in the form of a topically applied gel protecting the user from being infected by the aforementioned viruses. The new product is also anticipated to feature contraceptive and lubricating action. Factors determining the demand for the product are derived directly from the current state of knowledge on prevention of STI and the preventive measures currently offered on the market. Owing to its unique formula, the product will be characterized by a number of features and functionalities that distinguish it from previous microbicide candidates. The target product profile (TPP) for the NOV-1003 gel includes following features: on demand use that does not require daily dosing; broad activity against viral and bacterial STIs including HIV infection; dual compartment protection; woman-controlled contraception; over the counter (OTC) availability.

The Project will consist of two work packages. WP1 (industrial research) will be dedicated to GLP compliant IND enabling studies as final preclinical development. WP2’s (expermintal development) aim will be to conduct I Phase of clinical trials in accordance with trial protocol and production of the final report, which due to definition of NOV-1003 safety profile will be used for decision about clinical trials continuation.

Project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the InnoNeuroPharm program - Measure 1.2:

Sectoral R & D programs of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020.

Total amount: 9,928,239.50 PLN
Co-funding amount: 7,034,900.75 PLN


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Regulatory services to advance oncology drug candidate OB-002O into Phase 1 clinical trial K2 Biomedical Sp. z o. o. would like to inform that in conclusion of tender announced on 24 -April-2018, 1 offer have been received.

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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION for conducting: Preclinical modelling and experimental analyses (in vitro and in vivo).

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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION for drug substance methodology and production.

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